Android Components investigation – part 2 – ViewModel + Lifecycle that’s time really

In this short post I’ll fix the problem, occurred during writing previous article (it is no official way to connect data binding and ViewModel)- that’s time we will use android components to store screen state during phone rotation. To implement this, I removed databinding library from my project and add live data libraries instead. It is needed to mention that activity layout file was changed also – databinding root layout is removed. To connect xml-views with activities I’ll use popular butter knife library, so it is added into my project also. Continue reading Android Components investigation – part 2 – ViewModel + Lifecycle that’s time really

Frame-by-frame animation in Android

Sometimes we need to add some special animation to indicate changes in the view state and emphasise this changes via visual representation. For example I decided to made custom animation of the “like quote” feature in my application. Initially quotation has two different states – favourite and normal. These states represented by ImageView:






So, my task was to draw some transition between these states.

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Animation for list reloading

As we know from android design guides, content should come to the screen from the edges in meaningful way. So, I decided to animate showing content of my list and also to add animation for reloading the list. I’ve used RecyclerView for my list of cards. It has a few build-in animations + we can set animation in onBindViewHolder method for every view-item. But for my task, I’ve decided to animate whole list itself.

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